IN2FAB Opens new uk design center

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Northampton, United Kingdom.  March 15th 2018

New development centre will increase support for FinFET and advanced silicon technology.  

IN2FAB Technology has announced the opening of its new facility in the UK for the continued development of migration tools for advanced processes including FinFET technology.  The centre will also support IN2FAB’s existing migration software that translates schematic, test bench and layout data to move circuits between foundries and processes.

Advanced processes are placing new demands on designers and tools and design rule complexity has risen dramatically.  IN2FAB’s PDK based migration technology ensures that circuits are using foundry generated components throughout the circuit while preserving the structure and integrity of the original design.

“Advanced circuit technology is putting a lot more pressure on SoC producers and IP companies”, said IN2FAB President Timothy Regan.  “Design cycles for these advanced processes are increasing so taking an existing circuit and translating it to a new foundry or process is increasingly attractive.  Our new technology centre will accelerate the development of our most advanced migration tools to deliver a full FinFET migration capability to the market”.

The new location will also be the new home for IN2FAB’s design migration centre that moves IP as a service for customers worldwide.  The new advanced design tools will further enhance this centre’s capabilities and provide extended design processing capability.  “The amount of FinFET IP is growing rapidly and companies need to offer their products across as broad of a range of processes and foundries as possible”, added Regan. “Design migration allows them to take advantage of new licensing opportunities without the time and expense of a full redesign cycle”

IN2FAB can be contacted in the UK on +44 1604 386067 or at