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about IN2fab

IN2FAB Technology is a world-leading specialist in the migration of semiconductors between foundries and processes.  With its production proven migration technology, IN2FAB has provided tools and services to a wide range of customers including IP vendors, fabless companies and IDMs.  Founded in 2001, IN2FAB has delivered hundreds of migrated circuits ranging from small analog IP designs through to large mixed signal chips.

Layout Migration
Migration and Design Reuse

The reuse of existing circuits and silicon IP has become critical in the production of new electronics technology.  System on chip designs must make use of pre-defined circuits where possible to allow designers to build complex circuits and concentrate on new functionality. While digital systems can be re-generated from high-level descriptions, analog and mixed signal circuits are usually designed manually at extremely high cost in both time and resources. 

IN2FAB's migration software and services have been applied across the entire spectrum of silicon processes to migrate designs between foundries and processes in a fraction of the time taken for a redesign.  Circuit designs have been translated in CMOS, BiCMOS and SiGe in processes that range from large geometry legacy semiconductors to the most advanced nanometer processes.

Sample projects include:

  • Entire analog IP libraries including PLLs, ADCs and DACs to next generation geometry nodes reaching full silicon functional status in a fraction of the redesign times.
  • Complex IP including PCIe, USB 2.0, HDMI, MIPI in less than 10 weeks to tapeout standard in a new foundry and process design kit
  • Application and sub-system IP including: WLAN; Bluetooth; GSM; 3G in less than 12 weeks to complete tapeout standard

IN2FAB’s patented migration tools and services are delivering significant market advantage to its customers. Early availability of semiconductor IP in the chosen foundry or process mean lower costs and higher return on resources along with lower risk and higher quality of result. The extensively automated reuse of existing and proven circuits delivers higher reliability and accelerated time to market.